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There is an art to event lighting. It is not just about adding lighting. Lighting is about the right amount of lighting in the right spots to maximize the desired effect the client is wishing to produce. There are several variables to doing lighting right. Please contact us so we can give you an honest assessment of what you may or may not need.
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Up Lighting:     
The versatility and benefits of up lighting are unbelievable. Up lighting has the capabilities of making a not so appealing room and transforming that room into a room that is absolutely magical looking. Up lights have the Wow factor that many clients strive for and can really make a room Pop with color! In a ballroom with four solid walls, up lights can be a tremendous asset. In a ballroom with several windows with lots of natural light, depending on the time of day of your event and also what time the sun goes down, your budget money may be better allocated in something else you will get more use out of. All of these key points will be covered in a consultation.

Dance floor lighting is by far one of the most popular choices among clients. Not only does it enhance your dance floor energy and look amazing, it has the ability to bring a lot more of your guests onto the dance floor. One of the great aspects of dance floor lighting is that you will get more people who would not normally dance onto the dance floor. With dance floor lighting you can lower the house lights of the venue a little more. When it a little darker and just the dance floor lights are flashing all around the dance floor, people don’t feel like there under a microscope. The concern of being watched is reduced as your guests are more likely to lose there inhibitions and cut loose on the dance floor. If it is in the budget I would highly recommend the dance floor lighting! If you have a crowd that your not so sure if they are going to dance, or if you have concerns that they are not going to dance and you can fit it in the budget, then definitely get the dance floor lighting!   

Pin Spot Lighting:
Pin spot lighting is a simple and cost effective way to put a small spotlight on an object you really want to magnify, stand out, or draw attention to. A perfect example is a wedding cake. A lot of effort, thought, and time went in to choosing the taste, touch, and look of the cake, and yet sometimes it is positioned in an area of the reception room that does not showcase this gorgeous creation properly. simple solution, add pin spot lighting for your cake. Adding pin spot lights turns your cake into a focal point and will really make it stand out and glow. This can be accomplished with a very small investment on the clients behalf.

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