``The highest happiness on earth is marriage..`` William Lyon Phelps
Planning Tools

Congratulations on your engagement!  Many people have dreamt of their wedding day since they were young.  That doesn’t mean you have to plan it all yourself.  Consult with The Party Inc. regarding your entire event, from the entrance to the exit and everything in between. We can’t wait to make your dreams come true.

Event Hosts

We come alongside the wedding party to create a welcoming, festive atmosphere that is primed for enjoyment.  Your day, evening, and night are meant to be enjoyed by everyone involved.  Our relaxed yet professional approach to your event leaves space to breathe, relax, and appreciate the love you celebrate.

Ceremony Coverage

How many weddings have you been to where you are unable to hear the officiant or the vows?  Trust The Party Inc. to provide the best, non-invasive sound equipment and microphones during the ceremony to heighten the experience and allow all of your friends and loved ones to hear and understand every special moment.

Cocktail Hour

Enhance the space between ceremony and reception with the soundtrack of your day.  Keep your guests engaged with your vision, and allow The Party Inc. to prepare the way to the ultimate party.

Dance Party

Take advantage of our online planning tools to create the ultimate party playlist, and The Party Inc. will take your event to the next level by keeping the dance floor full.  Tired of the same old, cheesy, played out songs from a DJ who couldn’t care any less? We thrive off the energy, and that’s what we bring it to every event.


Enhance the Experience

Ceremony Coverage

It's more than words, it's the life you speak.

Make sure your guests, friends, and family are part of the day from the very beginning. Our sound equipment is perfect for ensuring your vows, ceremony music, and all the love you have for each other can be heard crystal clear.

Photo Booth and Selfie Station

Memories Made Easy

The addition of a photo booth is easily one of our most popular enhancements to any wedding. Make it easy to capture candid moments of friends in family enjoying the celebration. Our photo booth is fully touch screen, green screen and backgrounds, fully digital, and sends photos via SMS and text.

Lighting Enhancements

Then it became magical...

The goal is to transform a space, have your guests say “WOW” when they enter, and be sad when they have to leave! Lighting can absolutely set the tone and the mood for the entire event.  Pin lighting for specific elements, and uplighting to transform the entire space vertically from the ground up. Customize a projected monogram or GOBO design to add that special touch! Schedule a consultation today!

DJ and Entertainment

Memories Made Easy

Let’s be honest. People want to dance at a wedding, and The Party Inc. prides itself on keeping the dance floor full with music that gets them out there, and keeps them there.  Utilize our online tools to customize your playlist, and guarantee you get to hear the songs you love the most.

Audio Guestbook

Leave a lasting message..

Our Audio Guest Books allow you to capture the actual voices of your wedding. The Mother and Father that leave a heartfelt message. The distant cousin that re-tells that “had to be there” moment from 15 years ago. The drunken groomsman saying something he’ll probably regret tomorrow (assuming you can understand it!). Similar to photos, these audio messages hit a spot in your soul that only get better with time.

Flower Walls and Decor

Stunning Backdrops

A flower wall adds a touch of natural beauty and sophistication to a wedding, making it a popular choice for couples looking to create a visually stunning and memorable backdrop for their special day. It can be a captivating element that enhances the overall aesthetics and ambiance of the event.

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If you're looking for some entertainment at your wedding or event, make sure calling The Party Inc is on your to-do list! Dante is a heck of a guy, a lot of fun, very well connected in the entertainment industry, and has all the equipment you'll need in order to have a really great event (even gobo lights!). Highly recommend!!!
Aaron G.
Party Inc has everything that you could imagine needing for your event! Dante at Party Inc is extremely outgoing and personable.
Dr. E
Party Inc. helped make our day absolutely perfect. We got SO MANY compliments and love regarding the music. Even my great grandma said how incredible the timing and playlist were. We are forever grateful for The Party Inc. making our day unforgettable - truly a million star experience.
Kalie J.
Dee with The Party, Inc. was our DJ for the ceremony and reception. Dee had an extensive list of music and even added some song preferences not on his original list. The wedding party and guests had a blast dancing to all of the great music. Highly recommend The Party, Inc!
They did our wedding a month a month ago. They did an amazing job with every facet. Kept things running smooth all night! Very impressed with their services. Killed it with the music.
Cory T.